You might have heard of Version Control System Integration. But simply because you spend most time playing online casino games you haven’t been paying attention to what exactly it has to offer. Well, that’s not a big deal, we are going to highlight some of the great functions that this high-tech tool has to offer to the tech world.

As you continue going through this piece, we are going to elaborate some of the functions or features that you might enjoy when you make use of the VCS Integration.

The VCS Element Types

This is the function that will allow you to insert a version control under the element below the database. This database comes with top-class data sources, views, web services along with classic custom maps and jar extension.

However, there is no way you can version other things that are actually in the global server and not an exact database. For instance, there is the user, roles, database settings and many others. All this encompasses the greatest features for VCS elements.

The Integration and the Server Explorer

In the event that the version control is active for a current database, every single node available in the Administration Tools Server Explorer will be highlighted with a VCS icon. This feature might not appear unless it does not fall under the version control.

In the event that you are using GIT and some commits are pending for a push, you will then notice a number available on the side of the name on the database.
If you manage to right-click an element there is a contextual menu that comes with a submenu the VCS. This encompasses the prompt that you can complete over the element. If you right-click Diff, the tool will then go all the way to display the Diff analogue. That’s where you will take note of the difference between the VQL in the local version and the one in the VCS server.

The Delete Operations in VCS

If the element that is under version control has been deleted, it’s still visible in the Server Explorer. This will be visible with a grey mark icon. In the event that you are deleting an element, there are also high chances that other elements will also be deleted. This is because these elements depend on each other. And in the event that those elements are under the version control. They will also be visible in the Server Explorer.

This might sound like a very complicated process. But it is very easy especially if you manage to put all your mind to it and get a real understanding of what will be going on.

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