One might be asking what is the best approach to do a configuration? Well, we are going to highlight the drawbacks along with the benefits of it. We are adamant that you are amongst the people who are seeking information on externalizing config and hardcoding config in code.

There many good approaches to configuration. There are most people who tend to pile up everything that seems to look like configuration in one big config file. Therefore, the following post will likely highlight the reasons why it is important to keep the config outside the application.

On that note, there are various ways you can keep configuration outside of the application.

How Often Do You Need to Make Changes?

In the event that configuration changes are taking place gradually, then there is a real possibility that you might want to bypass the disposition for the application code. At the same time, this will allow you direct access to config in the production.

Is Config Application Code Different Per Environment?

Various application frameworks support different kinds of ideas of environments. At the same time, you will need to provide easy ways on how best you can define the environment with a separate block that will be available inside a single configuration file or it can be created in a separate file.

Access Limit

If we really want to make sure that the configuration values are not available to everyone, that is the database credentials. There are some cases whereby the opposite might be very true. This is because it will give other people access to deploy the app and be able to make changes to other configuration parameters.
You need to make sure that you restrict your config simply because there are other people that will take advantage of your work regardless.


It is actually very likely that there might be a very tight connection that is between the code as well as the parameter names in the configuration. If we manage to change one lacking update the other one will then probably damage something along the way. Therefore, we want to make sure that we keep all our work connected and close to each other.

As if that is not enough, keeping our work together will surely allow us not to lose any files along the way. Therefore, having a good connection or coupling is very important in this craft.

Config Validation

In case there are text-based configs then it is very hard to discover what kind of configuration possibilities that are supported. The only you can discover is if there is a change that is valid when you are launching the whole application.

In the event that the configure is in code, then it is better that it is kept strong simply by typing IDE. This will assist to figure out what exactly is valid and what is not.

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